Assessment Collection 101: What every Florida Condo and HOA needs to know

Condo Collection and HOA Collection in Florida

Claims of Lien Secure the Association’s Interest in Delinquent Assessments. Detailed State Law Guidelines must be followed to ensure the validity of a Claim of Lien.


Efficient, fee conscious collection is often enough to provide the Association with payment. However, when collection efforts are not enough, a claim of lien, prepared by Association Assessment Attorneys, P.A., creates a public notice of an owner’s indebtedness to the Association.


There are many detailed requirements in the law, which vary between Condominium Associations and Homeowner’s Associations, which must be complied with to ensure the validity of a claim of lien. Once prepared by an attorney, a claim of lien allows the Association to pursue foreclosure against the debtor.


Association Assessment Attorneys, P.A. offers the following legal services to assist your association with assessment collection: collection letters, claims of lien, payment plans, quit claim deeds and tenant rent demands.