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assessment collection
Assessment Collection

Securing A Claim Of Lien and More

Claim of Lien Demand Letters:$175.00

Tenant Rent Demand Letters: $125.00

Letter for Closing and Payoffs for basic payoffs :$150.00 

Mailing and costs not included.

bank foreclosures
Bank Foreclosures

Protecting Your Receivables

Title Review, Answer Foreclosure and Active Monitoring:$175.00

Draft Motion to Compel:$100.00

Attendance at Hearings:$175/hour

Mailing and costs not included.

association foreclosure
Association Foreclosures

Recover Fees from the Home.

Association Foreclosure and Money Judgment Complaint with Defaults on Defendants, including Summary Judgment Hearing: $1,500.00

Discovery and Responding to Defense Counsel when Necessary: $175/hour

Mailing and costs not included.

Simple Enforcement

Defend the Declaration

Demand Letter to Owner:$175.00/ per violation or hourly whichever is less.

Petition for Arbitration: $500.00

Arbitration Hearings: $175/hour

Enforcement of Judgment: $150/hour

Mailing and costs not included.

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