Assessment Collection

Claims of Lien Secure the Association’s Interest in Delinquent Assessments. Detailed State Law Guidelines must be followed to ensure the validity of a Claim of Lien.
Bank Foreclosures

This area of law has seen rapid change. New laws limit what Associations may seek if the appropriate action is not taken at the beginning of a bank foreclosure.
Association Foreclosures

Associations can seek full recovery of delinquent assessments or even title to the delinquent home if the appropriate action is taken and collection is pursued.
Simple Enforcement

Many times Associations need to enforce their Declarations. When discussions fail, enforcement can help bring parties into compliance.

Our main legal services overview

assessment collection

Assessment CollectionEfficient, fee conscious collection is often enough to provide the Association with payment. However, when collection efforts are not enough, a claim of lien, prepared by Association Assessment Attorneys, P.A., creates a public notice of an owner’s indebtedness to the Association.

There are many detailed requirements in the law, which vary between condominium Associations and Homeowner’s Associations, which must be complied with to ensure the validity of a claim of lien. Once prepared by an attorney, a claim of lien allows the Association to pursue judgments and foreclosure against the debtor.

bank foreclosures

Bank ForeclosuresDepending on when, how and if an Association responds to a bank foreclosure, the Association can recover all, some or zero delinquent assessments upon the conclusion of the bank foreclosure. This is why it is extremely important that Association respond to foreclosures.

Furthermore, it is common for bank foreclosure to last years. If the foreclosure becomes stalled, Association Foreclosure Attorneys, PA will institute a variety of techniques to not only move the case forward, but to pay the Attorney’s fees expended to do so.

association foreclosures

Association ForeclosuresMost Associations have the ability to foreclose on owners for non-payment of assessments. This action, which frequently concludes in four to six months if uncontested, places the Association in possession of the property, subject to any superior mortgages.

The Association does not need to make mortgage or tax payments. The Association may rent the unit and recover its assessments quickly and efficiently. Owners who simply choose not to pay assessments can rapidly find themselves in a position where they must pay or begin looking for a new residence.


Simple EnforcementOvergrown lawns, entry into units to inspect for various purposes and front yard eyesores can all violate the Association’s Governing Documents. If not properly enforced, the Association will have significant difficulty in correcting the problem in the future.

When the need to enforce these actions arise, it’s important to know where the matters must initially be filed (it’s not with the local Court) and when to proceed.


Services Include:

  • Collections Letters
  • Claims of Lien
  • Payment Plans
  • Quit Claim Deed
  • Tenant Rent Demand







Services Include:

  • Responding to Foreclosures
  • Communication with Bank
  • Ensuring Maximum Recovery
  • Motions to Compel Action
  • Motions to Reset Sale






Services Include:

  • Foreclosure on Claim of Lien
  • Money Judgment
  • Receivers to Collect Rent











Services Include:

  • Petitions for Arbitration
  • Petitions for Attorney Fees
  • Recovery of Judgments

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